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Smash Bros Civil War - untitled. by theagentofvenom Smash Bros Civil War - untitled. :icontheagentofvenom:theagentofvenom 1 0 Rosie by theagentofvenom Rosie :icontheagentofvenom:theagentofvenom 2 0
OC Bio: Rosie

General Information

Full Name: Rosalina “Rosie” O’Donnell
Origins/Meaning of the Name: Named after her mother
Nickname(s): Lil’ Rosie, Princess Rosie, Kid
Title(s): Princess of the Cosmos
Aliases: Baby Rosie (infant counterpart), Kid Rosie (currently), Teen Rosie (teen counterpart), Adult Rosie (adult counterpart), Future Rosie (AU counterpart)
Alignment: Lawful Good, Anti-Hero
Occupation(s): Heiress, Military Soldier/Mercenary (alternate reality), Priestess, Future Leader (AU counterpart), Mother
Birthplace: The Observatory
Ancestral Homeworld: Planet Eucyon (parental), Rosalina’s unknown Homeworld (maternal)
Current Home(s): Mushroom World, The Observatory
Age: 16 (currently)
Height: 4 ft
:icontheagentofvenom:theagentofvenom 1 0
Skyrim by theagentofvenom Skyrim :icontheagentofvenom:theagentofvenom 3 0 The Boondocks [Huey x Jazmine] by theagentofvenom The Boondocks [Huey x Jazmine] :icontheagentofvenom:theagentofvenom 4 0 Lucas by theagentofvenom Lucas :icontheagentofvenom:theagentofvenom 2 0 Masked Man by theagentofvenom Masked Man :icontheagentofvenom:theagentofvenom 4 2 March Madness Snow Day by theagentofvenom March Madness Snow Day :icontheagentofvenom:theagentofvenom 2 4
Smash Brothers Civil War: Chapter 36
Smash Brothers Civil War

Chapter 36: The Great Invasion
The Great Invasion
From the ashes of the Isle of the Ancients, a colossal ship that seemed longer than the island itself appeared. The ship consisted of a steel gray design and carried dozens of armaments capable for destruction. What’s worse was that the Gunship can fire a space-severing blast, producing a dark sphere of energy, similar to a Subspace Bomb.
The almighty Subspace Gunship charged its cannon power and shot at a nearby ocean, producing another break in the World. The Halberd was seen from the distance, speeding towards the gunship at full speed. The Smashers patiently waited for their next phase of action to come to plan. The heroes immediately went into the secondary ships, as it was part of the plan.
The Subspace Gunship fired all of its machine guns and prepared to use the Dark Cannon infused to destroy the Smashers in one go. Commanding the Subspace Gunshi
:icontheagentofvenom:theagentofvenom 0 2
Smash Brothers Civil War: Chapter 35
Smash Brothers Civil War
Chapter 35: The Subspace Bomb Factory
The Jungle Ruins
Smash Palace Briefing

After discussing their next course of action of either: fighting the nanite threat or going to Subspace, the Smashers chose Subspace as their next location.
“We'll be taking the Halberd now that Meta Knight finished the repairs”, said Bowser. “Sakurai, you stay here and monitor activity. If the nanites come for you, use the entrance that leads underground in the mines. We're counting on you.”
“Hai”, responded Sakurai with a bow.
“When you're ready, head over to the Halberd”, said Bowser as he left to get onboard.
Mario wore elemental resistant plumber overalls in case. Samus dubbed her Other M armor for a situation like this. Fox carried several smart bombs as munition. Cap sported his special racer suit that can withstand fire and lighting. Sonic only carried a small brown bag and tied
:icontheagentofvenom:theagentofvenom 0 0
Mature content
A Night of Sex :icontheagentofvenom:theagentofvenom 0 0
OC Bio: Skyrim

General Information

Full Name: Skyrim O’Donnell
Origins/Meaning of the Name: Unknown
Nickname(s): Chosen One, Golden Mutt, Fleabag, Half-Breed, Momma’s Pup, Animal
Title(s): The Chosen One, Mentor
Aliases: Pup Skyrim (infant counterpart), Child Skyrim, Teenage Skyrim (adolescent age), College Aged (current), Old Skyrim (mentor time), The Shadow Character (other half)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Occupation(s): Heir Prince, Mercenary, Scientist, Chosen Warrior, Mentor
Birthplace: The Observatory
Ancestral Homeworld: Planet Eucyon (parental), Rosalina’s unknown Homeworld (maternal)
Current Home(s): Mushroom World, The Observatory
Age: 25 (currently)
Height: 6 ft. 9 in
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair Col
:icontheagentofvenom:theagentofvenom 1 0
Winter Forest on the Step by theagentofvenom Winter Forest on the Step :icontheagentofvenom:theagentofvenom 4 0 Snow Near Highbridge  by theagentofvenom Snow Near Highbridge :icontheagentofvenom:theagentofvenom 4 0
Smash Brothers Civil War: Chapter 34
Smash Brothers Civil War
Chapter 34: Conspiracy
Ganondorf reported to Master Hand over the screen. He gave a hesitant bow and explained everything that happened at this moment.
“We attacked their precious capital, but were undoubtedly faced with mass casualties. And that's not all. We've looked into that incident at the penitentiary and realized there was more to expect. There's this other group seeking to undermine our goals”, Ganondorf explained. Master Hand made a motion for the warlock to continue.
“They are a group known as the Subspace Emissary. They have developed powerful bombs to create voids of dark matter into this World. This will most likely halt our plans to control the world with our nanites...But, not with your resurrection, master”, Ganondorf added. Master Hand waved for Ganondorf to still continue.
“From our research, their base is located on a mysterious floating island. Somehow, t
:icontheagentofvenom:theagentofvenom 1 0
Smash Brothers Civil War: Chapter 33
Smash Brothers Civil War

Chapter 33: Halberd Battle
The Jungle Ruins
Above the Skies

Rain, dark clouds, and the even darker roars of thunder trickled upon the Halberd as it was close to a critical state. Ness and Falco struck back at Giygas the Cosmic Destroyer, while the two Pits faced Meta Ridley in the skies.
“Hahahaha! You can't catch me!”, boasted Ridley.
“Then why don't you do something about it”, mocked Dark Pit.
“Pitto!! No!”, shouted Pit.
“Hm, that's an excellent idea you have there. Here I come!”, said Ridley as he swiftly changed course and headed straight for Pit and Dark Pit.
“Chikusho! (Damn it!)”, said Dark Pit in Japanese.
The two angels dodged Meta Ridley’s Bite Strike. They both flew after him and shot as many arrows as possible. Ridley retaliated with firing back. Pit and Dark Pit dodged the fire as they ascended, with the rain dripping above them. R
:icontheagentofvenom:theagentofvenom 0 0


Ice Fey- Character Bio
*Original Template by Triskata
Blank Bio Sheet!

Name:  Xéoia 
Nicknames: Xeo
Birthday: She doesn't technically have a birthday. 
Age: She is immortal. Every millennium she is reborn in the ice core of the arctic to continue her existence bringing winter around the world.
Gender: Female
Species: Xeo is a Fey: The personification of a natural phenomenon such as a weather element among other things.
Coloring/general features:
Eyes: Her eyes are a vibrant blueHair: A variety of ice blue shades that darken the further down her hair you get.Skin: Her skin is white as snow, as fitting with her sphere of power.Height: Xeo has no set height, it changes according to her whim.Distinguishing features: Her ear
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 2 13
Ransomware Epidemic FAQ
This journal is a sort of extension to my previous journal, which I'd highly recommend you read since it contains info about how to protect your computer: PLEASE READ - The Ransomware Epidemic
In this journal I'll answer some of the frequently asked questions in relation to the ransomware epidemic.
:bulletgreen: How does it spread? :bulletgreen:
From what I can gather, WannaCry sets up infected machines to act as servers that spread it to other computers nearby on connected networks. 
Also it appears to spread via emails as well, so be cautious and don't click on unfamiliar links in emails.
:bulletorange: Which systems are being affected? :bulletorange:
So far it's only older Windows computers being affected. Windows XP and Vista are most at risk since
:icontheartfrog:TheArtFrog 16 36
Meet the Artist by MathematicGreen Meet the Artist :iconmathematicgreen:MathematicGreen 5 7
Operation Silent Monday - DISCONNECT FROM INTERNET
The WannaCry ransomware has caused much damage to personal data, computers, businesses, services and infrastructure.
It started this weekend, but it's far from over.
Disconnect From the Internet NOW!
Stay offline for the whole of Monday.
No internet. No LAN. No intranet. No connections. 
It's predicted that Monday (15/05/17) is going to be the worst spread of the ransomware yet... the creators of the WannaCry program will have had time to adjust it and computers at work, universities, banks and libraries affected by the malware will likely be turned on, spreading it.
Instead of connecting to the internet, spend this valuable time backing up your data onto external hard drives, watch the news on TV to see what's going on with the epidemic and do other things to pass the time. Instead of social media, just socialise in real life.

If you go to work, avoid
:icontheartfrog:TheArtFrog 8 63
Jigokudani (Hell Valley) by MathematicGreen Jigokudani (Hell Valley) :iconmathematicgreen:MathematicGreen 6 0
PLEASE READ - The Ransomware Epidemic
Please share, fave +fav and spread this journal. You could help many people on DeviantArt protect their computers from this horrific cyberattack and raise awareness about the issue to those who haven't yet heard of it.  
:bulletpink: Intro :bulletpink:
Funny how all these years of me picking and choosing updates to keep my computer functioning how I want it (you know... to have what you paid for and keep my product without others stealing it and modifying it *cough*badupdates*cough* ... basic consumer rights... but anyway) came to haunt me.
So I finally decided that I'd bite the bullet and update my updates... only to find out Windows Update was refusing to update and would forever stay stuck "searching for updates". Just my luck. When I really don't want updates they try to install, and when I really need them they don't.
Anyhow, why am I so desper
:icontheartfrog:TheArtFrog 176 291
Fai Series: Ice Fai by Queen-of-Ice101 Fai Series: Ice Fai :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 2 0
The Infected Hospital (Chapter 8)
Harry: Nice office, David.
David: Thanks. It’s kind of small to be honest. So I hope you guys don’t mind.
Sandy: Oh no. It’s totally cool, David.
Davon: *locking the door* That should keep us safe for a while in case a zombie tries to break in.
David: *looks at his broken lead pipe* (I'm gonna need a new weapon.) *looks at a safe and began unlocking it* (Good thing I still have this.)
(After unlocking the safe, the thing that David was holding appears to be a revolver)
Alice: Is that a gun, David?
David: Yea. Since my lead pipe had been worn out, I decided to use this to defend you guys and myself from monsters that tries to attack us.
Alice: Awesome. However, you don’t have that many bullets right?
David: Let me see. *checks the safe* Nope. I only have 12 rounds. So I got to use it wisely.
Davon: Right. Say, we should start calling for help with that telephone on your desk, David.
David: Oops. Almost forgot. *laughing nervously*
(As David tries to cal
:iconmathematicgreen:MathematicGreen 1 0
Failed Ukog drawing by SonPikachuBound2006 Failed Ukog drawing :iconsonpikachubound2006:SonPikachuBound2006 5 0
To Anyone Stressed Out By School And Exams
Feel free to share this journal with anyone who you think needs to see it. :)
I've been there and done that. I got really really stressed during my final years at school. I was depressed and worn out and was struggling. There was immense pressure on us students to do well in the Leaving Certificate exams. They seemed as if they decided our entire future.
You know what I learned?
Bullet; Blue The Exams Ultimately Don't Matter. Bullet; Blue 

The exams can be helpful in opening doors to certain colleges... but ultimately they're not the only way to get into college. With things like PLC courses and mature student schemes, there's many ways to access a college course without needing good grades from your final exams.

Bullet; Yellow Don't Overwork Yourself. Bullet; Yellow 
:icontheartfrog:TheArtFrog 25 35
Blank OC Interview Meme A-Z
Use one or more of your OCs, maybe even add yourself if you please to take this interview test.
(More of less people can be added or changed)
And here goes the questions:
-A. How old are you?
-B. Do you want a hug?
-C. Have any bad habits?
-D. You a virgin?
-E. Have any kids?
-F. Favorite food or drink?
-G. Killed anyone?
-H. What is your idea of a date?
-I. Any artistic talents?
-J. Love anyone?
-K. What is your job
-L Favorite season & least favorite season
-M. Who's your best friend?
-N. Hobbies?
-O. What are you going to do when this tag is over?
-P. What is your eye color?
-Q. Are you good? Or bad?
-R. If you could get anything right now what would it be?
-T. Does your name have a special meaning?
-V. Any siblings?
-W. Where do you live?
-X. Do you find yourself attractive?
-Y. Was this fun?
-Z. Any last words?
:iconawsomequa:AwsomeQua 232 43
Cartoon Network- Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 by xeternalflamebryx Cartoon Network- Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 :iconxeternalflamebryx:xeternalflamebryx 379 114
Things the Death Note Characters Cannot Do- Light
Things Light Cannot Do.
1. I can no longer steal Apples
2. I can no longer feed said apples to my pet Shinigami
3. Even if said Shinigami will go into withdrawal without them
4. I can no longer laugh evilly when writing names in death Note
5. I can no longer write criminal names in the death note
6. I can no longer write any names in the death note
7. Even if that means that I cannot create my own utopia
8. I also cannot get misa to write names in the death note for me
9. Nor can I convince ryuk to kill her to make her go away
10. L is a strawberry cake addict, I can't take away his cake or he will get violent
11. I cannot trick, bribe or convince the task force to take away his cake either
12. Especially not Matsuda, who will end up dying for it
13. Supposedly he really is necessity to the team, his death would not be ideal
14. I cannot take over the world
15. Even
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 2 5
Just Kiss Me, You Moron by DragonKazooie89 Just Kiss Me, You Moron :icondragonkazooie89:DragonKazooie89 14 6 Dragon- WIP by Queen-of-Ice101 Dragon- WIP :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 8 16 Fighting in an abandoned prison by MathematicGreen Fighting in an abandoned prison :iconmathematicgreen:MathematicGreen 6 8



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TODAY is the day I submit ONE special piece I have been working on all this week!

In other related news, Gemstrike is hosting a livestream today at:

7 PM Pacific Time
10 PM Eastern Time
(I'll stay at up late for my bro Han Solo Salute )

More Information Here

Please enjoy the stream (and make sure to be on time)!

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